I’m Andy Deighton

You can call me a scrum master, and I’m happy with that title; I know scrum and I’m certified. I’ve practiced it for a few years now, on different teams of various sizes at different companies and with good success. I think some of this success is down to my background. I’m a fairly seasoned software developer too. I’ve been developing in Java since around 1999. However, I gave up software development in order to focus on scrum mastery. This background has given me a deep level of empathy towards the development teams I serve.

But today, I am something else. I’ve averted my gaze from scrum and have instead fixed my eyes on a slightly different desire: product discovery – product discovery as practiced and preached by the likes of Marty Cagan, Jeff Patton and Teresa Torres. So, now you can call me a product-focused scrum master. I help my product management teams develop hypotheses, communicate with their users and stakeholders, run MVP tests, develop shared understanding of user journeys, and focus on impacts and goals.
This is what I want to help you do, too.

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