The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience

We learn by doing. Everyone is always growing. I am no exception. I am not an agile guru and I don’t claim to be the best of the best. I have no vision of perfection.

But I can offer you a different view. I will observe and then draw upon my experience in order to provide you with experiments you can try within your organisation or in your team.

I’m Andy Deighton: a product-focused certified Scrum Master, ex-software developer, Agile coach and facilitator. I’ve worked with co-located teams and I’ve performed Scrum rituals remotely. I’m at my happiest working alongside product teams, helping them use tools such as User Story Mapping, Impact Mapping and MVP experiments in order to deliver the right product, early.

I come from a Java development background, having spent countless decades in the realm of software engineering. But since embracing agile methods and more recently, Scrum, I’ve become a fully-fledged and passionate convert. I now look forward to a future of helping development teams realise a better way of working.

I collate articles on agility, Scrum and other stuff in this Flipboard magazine.

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