The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience

We learn by doing. Everyone is always growing. I am no exception. I am not an agile guru and I don’t claim to be the best of the best. I have no vision of perfection.

But I can offer you a different view. I will observe and then draw upon my experience in order to provide you with experiments you can try within your organisation or in your team.

I can facilitate meetings in which decisions must be made. I can guide developers along a route that will hopefully lead them to a happier and more team-focused place.

I’m Andy Deighton: certified Scrum Master, software developer, Agile coach and facilitator. I’ve worked with co-located teams and I’ve performed Scrum rituals remotely.

I come from a Java development background, having spent countless decades in the realm of software engineering. But since embracing agile methods and more recently, Scrum, I’ve become a fully-fledged and passionate convert. I now look forward to a future of helping development teams realise a better way of working.

I collate articles on agility, Scrum and other stuff in this Flipboard magazine.

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