Meaningful Learning

I have twin girls. They’re five years old. They’re learning to read and write. It is a joy and a privilege to witness this stage of their development, especially as they are bilingual.

Many schools across the globe teach children how to read and write phonetically. This technique has many shortcomings, but at the same time it appeals to the child’s stage of development. (Trying to teach children why “ough” can be pronounced at least two ways is very tricky.)

One of my daughters wrote the shopping list above. It took me a few seconds to get them all, but now I know them, I can see why phonetics are popular; they give parents hours of amusement! But what this also shows is that while on a learning journey, you benefit even from simplistic versions of the facts and rules that you ultimately hope to conquer. So in this case, my children can communicate through writing even if every single word they write is wrong!

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